Extreme Facilities help take Rob and Romesh on their DNA journey

Extreme Facilities have been busy on ITVs new series the light hearted “Rob and Romesh’s DNA Journey.” 

Extreme  provided camera tracking, custom lighting, custom grip and in car cameras for the shoot.  

Andrew Schaale MD of Extreme facilities told us of how much he enjoyed working with the team on the new series Rob and Romeshes DNA journey. 

Andrew explained to this publication “Extreme supplied Custom lighting and custom built grip for the shoot, the grip build allowed for seamless access to the vehicle, we shot the in car footage on the Panasonic GH5s.”

Extreme Facilities have been at the forefront of in-car and extreme environment film and TV production for many years.

Andrew told us. “We are industry leaders for minicams, underwater cameras on-board cameras, drones and crew hire. We’ve supplied mini-cams, underwater housings, covert camera, sound equipment and other broadcast equipment to BBC Top Gear (10 Years), CarPool Karaoke, The Met: Policing London and The Jump.”

Extreme Facilities specialise in camera systems, electronics, design & engineering who address current and emerging demands with fresh and innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s Broadcast Television Programmes and Feature Films.

Andrew continued “Extreme Facilities have worked in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, including the coldest and hottest inhabited places on earth, dense humid jungles and high mountain treks. These extreme environments present huge challenges for a production, experience in designing equipment to work in these conditions and the crew to operate them is an essential part of a successful show. Innovation is the key to what we do at Extreme Facilities, this is what separates us from our competition and drives us to being the best at what we do. We can produce custom designed solutions to whatever your problem happens to be.”

The show Rob and Romesh’s DNA Journey will air Thursdays on ITV at 9pm.