Atlanta, GA, USA, October 28th, 2022: A programmatic advertising system, Tolka ADS, will form the highlight of Tolka’s technology demonstrations at the November 8th through 10th Google Android TV Summit in Thailand. Also on show will be Tolka Widevine CAS, the Tolka Launcher Android TV operator tier launcher, and Tolka Broadcast Stack software supporting multiple standards including ATSC 3.0. The event will be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Bangkok.

“The Google Android TV Summit is a great opportunity to meet directly with attendees and discuss their needs in the fast-evolving broadcast media world,” says Alex Day, Tolka’s Vice President of Business Development. “We offer industry proven solutions designed to increase the commercial efficiency of content owners and delivery channel managers. Among these are our state-of-the-art targeted-ad insertion and content protection systems which can be implemented quickly and easily across a wide range of delivery platforms.”

Tolka ADS Personalized and Programmatic Advertising

Tolka ADS is a personalized advertisement delivery system which combines content insertion and advertisement targeting in a single solution. It gives broadcasters an efficient way to deliver specific promotional content and commercials to targeted groups within their transmission footprint. A key feature of Tolka ADS is that no internet return path is needed.

Largely software based, Tolka ADS occupies a compact physical footprint within a TV station’s premises or at a host playout service facility. The integral Content Insertion capability allows broadcasters to insert relevant and localized advertising for audiences across different regions. Easy to integrate with existing playout automation systems, it automatically preschedules and splices video and audio content ahead of transmission, ensuring frame-accurate insertion.

Video and banner ads are fully supported within Tolka ADS. Segments from one or more compressed program streams can be substituted with alternative content. Time and duration can be precisely specified. Commercials can be tailored to selected demographic groups. The content substitution history can be logged for future reference.

Tolka ADS also enables channel owners to generate more revenue from their existing subscriber base. Advertisers gain a higher conversion rate and can also construct audience databases.

Tolka TCAS for Widevine

Google’s Widevine is a proprietary digital rights management technology used across Android MediaDrm, Android TV and other consumer electronic platforms. Compatible with various encryption schemes, it is designed to restrict consumer access to distributed video content according to rules defined by content owners.

Tolka TCAS for Widevine simplifies the licensing process and reduces service-providers’ operating costs. 1080i HD and 4K-UHD TV resolutions are supported in both SDR and HDR. It integrates with legacy headend infrastructure to create a complete and fully scalable solution, eliminating the royalties and hardware overheads associated with traditional CAS services.

All relevant aspects of the process to be managed efficiently within TCAS for Widevine. It performs securely and effectively with Android devices, removing the need for a third-party set-top box or customer-specific access cards. Hybrid set-top box/ IPTV platforms are fully supported. Full digital rights management of linear content is provided to protect against piracy.

TCAS for Widevine can be adjusted in scale to match any number of customers. It can be deployed by TV broadcasters as a primary conditional access system or used in SimulCrypt applications. Tolka also offers other versions including TCAS for Contribution, TCAS for DVB, TCAS for IPTV, and TCAS for Apps.

Tolka Launcher for Android TV

The Tolka Launcher framework allows television content providers to deploy a set-top-box experience specific to their brand. Like all Tolka offerings, it is easy to integrate with a television channel or network’s existing infrastructure, efficient for channel staff to control and highly reliable in operation.

Tolka Broadcast Stack

Tolka’s Broadcast Stack software allows television viewers to experience latest-generation free-to-air television programs and distance-learning services on Android or Linux platforms. It is designed for use with household TV receivers, set-top boxes, in-car receivers, mobile phones, tablets or computers. On demonstration will be the ATSC 3.0 Stack which implements latest-generation ATSC 3.0 and existing ATSC 1.0 standards. Key features of ATSC 3.0 include HDR UHD which greatly enhances the viewing experience when compared with SDR UHD. ATSC 3.0 also supports Dolby AC-4 immersive audio. Tolka Broadcast Stack offers many additional features including support for datacast receivers, multiple tuners and SoC porting layer portability. It can provide plug-in support for third-party HTML user agents and media players.

About Tolka

An established and successful producer of cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP media related applications, Tolka offers broadcast channel owners and online service providers the tools they need to expand and develop their markets. Tolka’s focus is on IPTV, OTT and DTT applications allowing secure content delivery and intelligently targeted advertisement insertion.