In a Leap Forward for Film Production, ARRI Unveils Revolutionary Tools at Camerimage 2023

November 30, 2023 – ARRI has once again positioned itself at the forefront of cinematic technology with the introduction of the SkyPanel X’s digital twin and the Impression V Filter set for Signature lenses. These groundbreaking innovations were showcased at the prestigious CAMERIMAGE International Film Festival in Toruń, Poland, underscoring ARRI’s commitment to enhancing the art of cinematography.

SkyPanel X’s Digital Twin: Merging Physical and Digital Realms

Engineered by ARRI Solutions, the digital twin of SkyPanel X marks a significant advancement in virtual lighting simulations. This digital counterpart of the real-world fixture brings a new dimension to cinematic lighting, extending from preproduction through to postproduction. With its 3D models, authentic features, and intuitive interfaces, filmmakers now have access to sophisticated tools for visualization, management, and collaboration, promising to elevate efficiency, consistency, and creativity in film production.

Impression V Filters: Interactive Comparison Tool

The Impression V Filter set, designed for ARRI’s Signature lenses, offers a unique, interactive experience for users to evaluate its eight diopter strengths. The Image Comparison Tool allows filmmakers to select sample images and apply various filters, offering a hands-on approach to assess their impact on skin tones and out-of-focus highlights. This user-friendly tool exemplifies ARRI’s commitment to supporting the creative process in filmmaking.

ARRI Celebrates Success at Camerimage 2023

At this year’s CAMERIMAGE festival, ARRI’s equipment played a crucial role, with nine out of thirteen feature films in the main competition utilizing ARRI gear. Notably, “El Conde,” shot by DP Ed Lachman, and “Poor Things,” shot by DP Robbie Ryan, achieved significant recognition, serviced by ARRI Rental. The festival also featured ARRI hosting seminars and showcasing its latest equipment, including the ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini LF, Signature lenses, and the TRINITY 2 stabilizer system.

Leadership Change in ARRI’s Lighting Division

In a strategic move, Dr. Raphael Kiesel will take over the management of ARRI’s lighting division starting December 1, 2023. Kiesel, with his expertise in global quality management at ARRI, is set to spearhead the expansion of the lighting product portfolio and foster innovation through enhanced customer engagement.

Cross-Compatibility and Virtual Production Highlights

In other developments, ARRI’s ALEXA 35 baseplates are now compatible with both the ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA Mini, as demonstrated in their latest Tech Talk. Additionally, the company made a splash in virtual production with the Uber One campaign “Best Friends,” filmed at ARRI Stage London. This campaign, featuring Robert de Niro and Asa Butterfield, utilized ARRI’s ALEXA 35 cameras and ALFA anamorphic lenses.

“Boston Strangler” Showcases ARRI’s ALEXA 65 and DNA Lenses

Lastly, the Hulu film “Boston Strangler” showcases ARRI’s capabilities in a historical context. Cinematographer Ben Kutchins captured the film using the ALEXA 65 and DNA lenses from ARRI Rental, offering a unique visual experience.

With these innovations and collaborations, ARRI continues to shape the future of cinematography, blending technology and artistry to empower filmmakers worldwide.