Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software defined television technology for digital video capture, processing, asset management, and playout, has provided a Cinegy Capture system to Notre Dame Studios, the multimedia technology and production resource for the University of Notre Dame campus community. This deployment provides a powerful, cost-effective platform to capture studio and sports content, ingesting multiple channels of video. 

Notre Dame Studios required a software content recording application, capable of meeting a variety of studio production workflows. Having browser-based GUIs securely controlling the ingest of multiple record channels while enabling the editing of content by users for live sports and studio production, was mandatory. Fast turnaround of sports highlights and studio production recording was critical for Notre Dame Studios.  

Cinegy Capture PRO was designed for exactly this requirement, supporting up to 8K content, and including additional features and functionality for transcoding while simultaneously writing multiple formats to multiple storage locations. Each Capture PRO server scales to support multiple channels, meeting the production recording needs, providing multiple high quality and proxy records, monitoring feeds, and live transport streams, empowering the production environment.  

As with all Cinegy’s powerful software tools, Capture PRO is entirely implemented in software, runs on COTS hardware and can be accessed from any location, to view, edit and deliver the media. At Notre Dame Studios, Cinegy Capture PRO was installed on two servers, tested, and placed into the production environment in less than four hours. 

“Reliably capturing all content feeds is vital,” said Scott Rinehart, Sr. Director Broadcast and Streaming Technology, University of Notre Dame. “Cinegy showed us that Capture PRO solution is the software tool we needed to integrate into our workflows.” 

Daniella Weigner, Managing Director of Cinegy, said “Capture PRO has a great fit in college sports broadcast workflows. We are honoured to have the University of Notre Dame using Capture PRO and are very proud of this deployment.” 

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