SoftLed 8 Vari-White and Colour with rain proof rating

De Sisti this year will be represented by Fabio De Sisti, Davide Locatelli and Stefano De Marco from the Rome factory and Nick Mobsby from De Sisti UK.

This year De Sisti will be showing virtually the entire range of widely used LED Studio a Vari-White fixtures from 60 to 470 Watt with over 2000 of these units now in the field just in the UK alone covering the major drama, current affairs and news studios across the UK. A recent order for 700 of the 330 Watt Vari-White fixtures for a Studio in Europe was the largest single fixture LED order for a single complex ever received.

The versatile 30W Piccoletto, a true focusable Fresnel in fixed and Vari-White colour temperatures and colour formats matching the small size with true production requirements idea for location, photographic and lower height TV and radio studios. Many radio studios are now streaming pictures using the Piccoletto as the key and Softled 2 as the visualization adding colour branding. The fixture can be provided with a suitable track adaptor to meet most track with DMX data connections.

Location fixtures such as the F20 1kW Location Fresnel and new rainproof Softled 8VW+Crp – available in Vari-White or Vari-White with Red, Green, Blue and Amber separate arrays ensuring this is the brightest light output in its class. This coupled with the renowned “Muses of Light”: a series of high power, large format LED fixtures specifically designed for Cinema and Location applications with the Muses now becoming standard kit in many well known feature films across the world. The range counts 11 fixtures, coming in different geometrical forms, dimensions, powers and optics.

F6 Lite 50W Fanless Fresnel

A concept of an LED replacement for the old BBC style “double ender” also called “a twister” or more correctly a “dual source” fixture will be shown with a 330 watt Fresnel end and a 240 watt soft source with Vari-White and colour capabilities. This is a concept solution to satisfy the needs of a number of large studio users who have stocks of the older incandescent fixtures but have asked for an energy efficient replacement as proposed by Arup some years ago.

New fixtures have been launched at the end of 2023 called the Lite range that have battery and mains power capabilities. A 50 Watt Fresnel called F6 Lite with a 120mm glass lens without fans and a Softled 1Lite VWRGB with full Vari-white range from 2,700 to 10,000°K also without fans rated at 60W. These are ideal for low height studios requiring no noise or in location applications using the batteries giving a 1 hour life at full power such as news gathering where backlight is provide contrasting tones and front Vari-White provide quality key illumination.

The De Sisti Spacelight has proved to be very popular over the past six months with fixtures being added to some drama and soaps across the UK and Europe available as standard with detachable electronics it means that the actual head

with a variety of cloth diffusers presents a light weight to suspended with the         F6 Lite 50W Fanless Fresnel          electronic unit mounted at grid or studio floor level. De Sisti have also launched a rain proof version of the all in one Softled 8 with either 360W Vari-white only arrays or the 600W Vari-White plus separate phosphor arrays for Red, Green, Blue and Amber colours making this suitable for all types of outdoor use perhaps linked with the wide range of rain proof Fresnel’s offered.

We look forward to meeting you on Stand F8 where an Italian cool beer or a strong Italian coffee and biscuits will be available!