Las Vegas, NV: DoPchoice debuts its latest light control solutions for several new lights at NAB 2023. Among the highlights are a new universal Snapbox® designed to fit a variety of flat panel lights as well as light sculpting tools for Sumomax and Kelvin Epos.


As flat panel lights become increasingly integrated into production, the need has grown for more tools to fit them. DoPchoice’s solution is a universal Snapbox that fits Kino Flo Freestyle Air, Air Mini and Air Maxi, Litegear LiteMat1, 2L and 4, and Exalux Ledzep 1×4 and 2×4 panels. DoPchoice’s patented self-tightening Snap Technology™ allows for quick deployment into the Snapbox’s rectangular shape. The smooth diffusion box mounts over the flat light panel’s frame and attaches to the fixture’s hook and loop fastening to offer light softening and diffusion options without slowing down the pace of production. An included Half Grid and Magic Cloth diffusion stretches across the face. For added directional control, DoPchoice offers the Snapgrid® which attaches via hook-and-loop to the front of the Snapbox. The Snapbox weighs just 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) and measures 42.9 x 24.2 x 4.5 inches / 109 x 61.5 x 11.5 cm installed. When it’s time to put the accessory away, it folds down into its compact black carry bag.

The long-awaited Sumomax is delivering so DoPchoice has a family of tools ready. The new Sumomax Kit includes a Snapbag® that straps directly on Sumomax’s hexagonal housing creating a circular 35.4in/90cm diagonal front. The kit also features a reflector, target, and skirt to modify spread and diffusion. Also available is a dome or “pancake lantern” featuring “Magic Cloth” with easy elastic fit that deploys from its own black bag. And coming soon is a new adapter for the Rabbit Ears mount which opens the world of 3′, 5′, 7′ Octas and Lanterns and the Medium Snapbag.


To accessorize the Kelvin Epos with its Bowens mount, DoPchoice’s Rabbit-Rounder® adapter quickly mounts an assortment of Snapbags, including DoPchoice’s trademark rectangular Snapbags in medium and small sizes, 3’ and 5’ Octas, and Medium and Large Domes (Lanterns). For more directional light there are also Snapgrids® which swiftly affix to the front of round and rectangular Snapbags (not Domes) for even more control.

These and more from DoPchoice will be available for display and demo at NAB Las Vegas, Booth #C4945.

Snapbags, Snapboxes, Snapgrids and Rabbit Rounders are manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide and are available through authorized dealers. Visit