Gatorbuddy offers game-changing stability and mobility for studio shoots

The realm of professional photography is getting a thrilling shakeup with the introduction of Gatorbuddy – a utility-packed device that aims to take the pain out of managing bounce and fill cards. Conceived by an industry photographer who was all too familiar with the nuances and difficulties of photo shoots, Gatorbuddy is far more than a simple tool; it’s a game-changer.

With a low center of gravity anchored by a rugged wheeled base, stability is a guarantee – not an afterthought. A feature made all the more impressive when you consider the easy glide and swivel capabilities afforded by its four Tente caster wheels. Think of it as a dolly designed specifically for your photo shoot needs, making it a breeze to swap backgrounds and move panels.

The ingenuity doesn’t stop at mobility. Gatorbuddy can be transformed into a portable viewing station or serve as a versatile partition when the need arises. This adaptability sets it apart, allowing photographers to create the perfect set-up for their work.

It arrives complete with a rolling base, three baby risers, and two V-Flat holders, which are securely attached with washers, screws, and pins. The Gator Board/V-Flat is not included, giving photographers the liberty to choose what suits their needs best.

With a nod from the esteemed Professional Photographer Magazine, featured in its 2023 Hot Ones buyer’s guide, the Gatorbuddy is already making waves in the industry. It’s a testament to its potential to revolutionize studio shoots and set-ups.

All the Gatorbuddy tech stuff

The detailed specifications underline its commitment to quality and user comfort. With a low profile steel base finished in black powder coat, adjustable angle V-Flat channel, and convenient snap-in baby risers, Gatorbuddy makes no compromises. Add to that the inclusion of pegboard slots for easy wall storage, and you’ve got a comprehensive solution that truly understands the needs of the modern photographer.

The build quality of Gatorbuddy is a testament to its robust functionality. The low-profile steel base dons a sleek black powder coat finish, marrying strength with aesthetics. With an in-built center slider knob, adjusting gator board angles up to 15 degrees is a breeze, ensuring your shots are always perfectly lit.

The adjustable angle V-Flat channel is thoughtfully designed to accept foam cores up to ¾” thick, underscoring the versatility of Gatorbuddy. The inclusion of four 8/32″ threaded inserts means it’s configured to accept a Jr Wall Plate, adding another feather in its feature-packed cap.

Lightweight yet durable, aluminum baby risers effortlessly snap into the base, held firm by sturdy black plastic clips. With eight 3/8″-16 tapped inserts and durable Tente casters, maneuverability is a cinch. Plus, pegboard slots ensure wall storage is never an issue.

A look at the dimensions reveals Gatorbuddy’s portability. With a base measuring 39.2″x18.3″x.85″ and risers standing 16″ tall with a 1″ diameter, it’s both compact and functional. Despite weighing just 26lbs, the base can handle a capacity of 50lbs, underscoring its sturdiness. The V-Flat holders are a neat 49″x2″ and weigh in at a mere 2lbs each.

All in all, Gatorbuddy is an investment in not only enhancing your photography but also in simplifying the way you work.

Gatorbuddy – a mobile gatorboard, foamcore and foamboard support unit