Burbank, California: Matthews Studio Equipment, distributor for Litemover, universal remote head, announces that there are now over a dozen fixtures which can be positioned using this hands-off system. Due to the requests of crews faced with positioning fixtures and reflector boards weighing up to 220-lbs/100 kilos, innovator/gaffer Erno Das has created a family of adapter kits to work with his invention. Now Litemover is compatible with ARRI lights including Skypanel, Skypanel X21, X22/X2, Orbiter, and Briklok. In addition, there are adapters available for Cineo R15, Powerbeam, Creamsource Vortex, SumoLight SumoMax, Lightbridge, K5600, Filmgear, and Fiilex Q10. Equally advantageous with reflectors, there are kits for Matthews Mirrors and Lightbridge CRLS. By eliminating the need to climb high ladders to aim a light, using Litemover can increase accessibility and on set safety.

Lighting technicians and gaffers can easily operate Litemover to provide smooth remote pan, tilt, and spot/flood focus via either the manual hand control, RDM, and/or wireless DMX with its built-in CRMX. Three precision motors quietly respond directly to operator input to achieve optimum setup and work even while the fixture is actively in use on set hardware. The system may be set up in standard or inverted underslung configuration. Power is supplied by either a battery for wireless operation or may be cabled to suit the need.

Complete in a hard rolling case, the system includes three quiet motor units, hand, pin, and clamp connectors, a 90-degree coupler, assorted support rods, and a manual hand control. An included V-Lock Battery unit and V-lock PSU supports most popular batteries, and a 110/220 AC inverter to 14.4 Volts along with essential cables, supports various regional needs.

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