Designed to Highlight Organizations Implementing the Principles of the 2030 Vision, Enabling Interoperability, and Responding to the Changing Media Landscape

San Francisco, June 29, 2022 -MovieLabs, the technology joint venture of the major Hollywood motion picture studios, has launched the 2030 Showcase Program to recognize organizations in the Media & Entertainment industry that are applying emerging cloud and production technologies to advance the industry in reinventing the media creation ecosystem and to help realize the MovieLabs 2030 Vision and its goals of enhanced efficiency and interoperability.

Organizations that can demonstrate how they are implementing aspects of the MovieLabs 2030 Vision and moving from “principles to practice” are invited to submit their case studies to the 2030 Showcase Program. Submissions that demonstrate significant alignment with the 2030 Vision will be included in the MovieLabs 2030 case studies hosted on and may be referenced by MovieLabs at events, trade shows and speeches. Additionally, select 2030 Showcase participants will also be invited to present their case study at a private event with production technology leaders from across the MovieLabs studio members – Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

The MovieLabs 2030 Vision lays out 10 key principles for the evolution of media creation with which Showcase participants should be aligned with one or more:

1.      All assets are created or ingested straight to the cloud and do not need to move.
2.      Applications come to the media.
3.      Propagation and distribution of assets is a ‘publish’ function.
4.      Archives are deep libraries with access policies matching speed, availability and security to the economics of the cloud.
5.      Preservation of digital assets includes the future means to access and edit them.
6.      Every individual on a project is identified, verified and their access permissions efficiently and consistently managed.
7.      All media creation happens in a highly secure environment that adapts rapidly to changing threats.
8.      Individual media elements are referenced, tracked, interrelated and accessed using a universal linking system.
9.      Media workflows are non-destructive and dynamically created using common interfaces, underlying data formats and metadata.
10.     Workflows are designed around real-time iteration and feedback.

To enter in the 2030 Showcase program, interested organizations are invited to submit a short video (<5 mins) describing their work, and illustrating how it aligns with one or more of the 10 principles of the MovieLabs 2030 Vision listed above. The deadline for submissions is midnight on July 29. Entrants into this year’s 2030 Showcase program will be evaluated by MovieLabs in time to be highlighted at IBC in Amsterdam this September. Application videos should be uploaded to a cloud service and a link to the submission emailed to [email protected].   More details of the program and submission criteria are available at

Richard Berger, CEO MovieLabs, said: “Since we launched the MovieLabs 2030 Vision in 2019, we have been working with M&E businesses to share the dramatic changes the media industry is going through and explain the strategic importance of working together and investing in a unified approach to harness these emerging technologies in a way that enhances efficiency and interoperability. Many companies have incorporated the 2030 principles into their product road maps and strategic vision. The 2030 Showcase is our opportunity to highlight and recognize these companies and their progress, and to help the rest of the industry come together to build a more efficient future as we create modern global content at scale to satisfy consumer demand.”

About MovieLabs
Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. (MovieLabs) is a non-profit technology research lab jointly run by Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

MovieLabs enables member studios to work together to understand new technologies and enhance interoperability and efficiency. We help set the bar for future technology advancement and then define voluntary specifications, standards, and workflows that deliver the industry’s vision. Our goal is always to empower storytellers with new technologies that help deliver the best of future media for consumers.

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