Videosys Broadcast has launched a new control system for the MEDIAEDGE QDCAM high-speed box camera that allows broadcasters to easily incorporate this high quality camera into their production workflows.

The fibre-based plug and play system, which fits seamlessly into a standard equipment rack, uses intuitive software that automatically configures all the camera and ccu features for the user’s chosen format. By adopting this simple to use solution, broadcasters can now deploy the QDCAM box camera for 4K productions or high speed (x4) SloMo shots.

Creating products that make life easier for film and television crews has always been Videosys Broadcast’s philosophy. Established 15 years ago, the company is now the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backs to outside broadcast providers.

Colin Tomlin, Managing Director of Videosys Broadcast, says the company’s new Remote Control Panel (RCP) for MEDIAEDGE QDCAM will undoubtedly increase the camera’s appeal to broadcast users, particularly those producing sports programming where there is a need for high-resolution 4K shooting and high speed shooting for slow motion playback.

“The MEDIAEDGE QDCAM is a popular camera because it delivers excellent image quality at a very affordable price,” Tomlin explains. “However, for broadcast, its one drawback was its complicated set-up system and awkwardly-shaped boxes that were not weatherproof and didn’t fit standard equipment racks. By working closely with MEDIAEDGE, we have succeeded in creating a new RCP system and fibre implementation that resolves all these issues and brings the camera firmly into the broadcast domain. We anticipate plenty of interest from broadcasters who can now easily incorporate QDCAM into their usual workflows.”

Sports production and programming relies heavily on numerous high-speed cameras to provide multi-angle video or free viewpoint video production. Given the large number of cameras required, it is no surprise that there is growing need for an affordable and reliable option that can also be used for UHD programme production.

Among the many useful features offered by QDCAM are excellent image quality; remote camera/lens control using micro 4/3 lenses allowing access to the vast range of off the shelf lens options. Also, a Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor allows for precise imagining without the distortion associated with rolling shutter devices.

The QDCAM has an Optical Transmission system that utilises standard SMPTE fibre optic camera cables installed in many stadiums and other facilities frequently used for sports broadcasting.

Broadcasters who are interested in Videosys’ new control system for QDCAM should contact the company and arrange a demo.

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About Videosys Broadcast Ltd:
Videosys Broadcast has been a supplier of quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backs to outside broadcast companies for 10 years. Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, the company has successfully partnered with leading technology companies including Hitachi, Panasonic, Ikegami, Grass Valley and DTC. These partnerships enable Videosys to deliver the latest technology requirements, regardless of camera supplier or format.